What is good lobbying?

The Brussels rumour mill is whirring like mad with speculation on the new head of the Association of European Airlines.  The hot rumour is the current head of the European Airports Council, Olivier Jankovic.  He would certainly be a change.  I once spent some time discussing with him what is good lobbying and how does one go about it.  On one thing he was sure, ‘Lobbying is not just writing a letter’ he said.

That has me to thinking about what is good lobbying.  There is an excellent blog – The Thoughtful Campaigner – http://thoughtfulcampaigner.wordpress.com/ which recently pondered the same thing.  He cites there a recent paper that puts forward three things that are vital: Strong Leadership, Time, and Robust Evidence.

That seems like a very good place to start.  Now play those criteria against most of the airline/aviation campaigns you have seen recently…

Play those criteria against the work Aviation Advocacy does too of course.  I think there must be other things, such as good writing, and pursuasiveness, but no-one can deny the importance of these three.


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